Campus paper goes digital

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I recently stumbled upon this article, The State Press in a digital age, and thought it was worth commenting on, not because it was about something new but because of its significance to the future of the print media. It’s an editorial published by The State Press, the official student newspaper of the Arizona State University, announcing their “shift toward a digital-first newsroom starting Spring 2013.”

Although they are not totally abandoning their print edition as of yet, the paper’s current staff wrote that their decision to go digital was in recognition of the profound change in the way their readers, the so-called “now” generation, access and consume news.

They wrote: “The shift toward a digital newsroom actually began with our readers. We cannot ignore that a daily print newspaper has a different value in the digital age. College students consume more and more media on their computers, smartphones and tablets. We’re all connecting, sharing and relating to each other on multiple social media channels. The spread of information no longer relies on ink, but on an Internet connection.”

This actually is but a continuation of the trend engendered by the Internet, especially in developed countries, where the printed text has been losing ground to the hypertext in attracting readers.  Just recently, the iconic Newsweek deciding to write 30 to its print edition sent ripples all over the world.  Many a pundit are now saying that it’s just a matter of time before print media go totally passé.

But whatever happens, production and consumption of information will definitely undergo more transformation in the years to come. As The State Press further said: “We now look across a spectrum of new media tools and see an abundance of storytelling potential. There are many unknowns, but one thing is certain: Our way of doing journalism is not the way of our parents or professors.”

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