Social media as big distraction

Photo credit: Metro

The headline in today’s issue of Metro, one of the two gratis tabloids I’m reading everyday on my way to work, reads: Social media leidt scholier te veel af.

The news item is about how social media are negatively affecting the studies of high school students in the Netherlands. In her book Focus! Over social media als de grote afleider (Focus! Social media as the big distracter), Justine Pardoen says the remarkable increase in the number of failing students can be attributed to too much “twittering” and “facebooking”.

Pardoen says this is brought about by young people’s constant need to establish connection with each other, which, according to her, is but the most normal thing among adolescents. And this search for connection also happens now virtually via the social media, which, Pardoen asserts in her study, are to blame for many students’ diminished focus on their studies.

Pardoen says  that this development definitely needs further study.


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