Mobile photography


I was reading this article about the rise of mobile photography in 2012 and was suprised to know that this cover photo of Time magazine’s issue on hurricane Sandy was taken with just an iPhone.

Ben Lowy, the photographer behind this photo and a number of other iPhone snapshots that made him this year’s recipient of the International Center of Photography’s prestigious Infinity Award for Photojournalism, seems to address my surprise when he was quoted in the article as saying:

“Most people from, say, Oklahoma … don’t really have a connection to something like Libya. Just like most people didn’t have a connection to what was happening during Sandy. And when you show someone pictures from Afghanistan or Iraq, and you say that you took them with a 35 millimeter [camera] … there’s no real kinship there. But if you say ‘Well, actually what I used to take these pictures is the same tool you have in your pocket, that you photographed your cat with, or your kids or your brunch,’ then, all of a sudden, there’s a real connection!”

I’ve had my share of these so-called smartphones but I’m still one of those who haven’t really made extensive use of these gadgets’ photo (or video) feature. I don’t know the reason why, but when traveling, for example, I would still make it a point that I have my digital camera with me. (Could it be that I still have this notion that a phone is just for calling and texting?)

I have used a phone cam, of course. And reading the abovementioned article, in fact, gave me an idea to post some photos I’ve taken with my Sony Xperia S. Looking at them now, I think they are not as bad as I’d always thought they were — especially the first one, which I’d consider as one of the better photographs I’ve posted here so far.

Autum in Amsterdam 1

I took this photo last autumn, on my way to the wet market

Spring time

This is a shot of the Queen’s Palace in Amsterdam in spring


Our first snowfall this winter. I took it at around 7 a.m. while waiting for the bus

Schiphol Airport

Taken while waiting for the train at Schiphol Airport

Full moon

And when I lost my house keys and couldn’t get into my apartment

Wouldn’t it be nice if mobile photography is added to our lessons?


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