Video production

This is my 7th and last TMA for this course. As indicated in the concept paper I submitted earlier, the video production is a feature on Migrante International, particularly the efforts of its chapter in Europe to help the organization win a partylist seat in the Philippine Congress.

The main content of the video is the interview I did with Ms. Grace Punongbayan, Migrante Europe’s coordinator, last February 24 in Amsterdam.

Migrante’s Charles Palomar and Gerlie Zarcauga provided additional footage, while a number of migrant friends allowed me to use their Facebook photos.

The songs I used were downloaded from YouTube, which were later converted into MP3. Levy Abad Jr. is the voice behind “Awit sa Bayani”. The song “Wanted Pinay” is by Andrei Tuason (music) and Edward Perez (lyrics). I’m still looking for the information about “Bagong Bayani”.

I also mobilized a friend, Ma. Aurelia Mendoza, as interviewer and production assistant during the actual interview so that I could concentrate on camera work.

Windows Movie Maker is the software I used in mounting the video, which was a bit problematic in the beginning. The computer kept on crashing and it was only after updating the program did I manage to solve the glitch.


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