Audiovisual learning materials

Paaralang Migrante

Me and my former students

My four-year-old Macbook Pro suddenly conked out recently and while rummaging through my backup files, I came across these PowerPoint Presentation materials that I did in 2005 for the computer wokshops being offered then by Paaralang Migrante (PM).

PM was a project I got very much involved in upon returning to the Netherlands after a three-year work stint in the Philippines.  It was initiated by Migrante Europe, an international alliance of migrant organizations, as a response to numerous requests from its membership for computer lessons.

Our first batch of participants really had no prior knowledge in using a computer, so producing these audiovisual materials proved to be very helpful in their learning process. We did manage to train three more batches after the pilot group, but the lessons had an abrupt end when Migrante lost its big office in Amsterdam.


Anyway, you may click here to view what’s left of the website we set up then. And below are samples of the study materials I designed for the Windows XP module¬† (I’m still looking for the sources of the reference materials we used):